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Fathom specializes in finding science-based common ground between industry, environmentalists, and policy makers

Legal Support & Analysis

Fathom provides clients with an understanding of legal considerations, barriers, and opportunities

Recent Work

  • Identification of legal issues related to private permit buyback
  • Identification of opportunities for and limitations of co-management
  • Assisting in development of collective enforcement agreements

Policy & Legislative Change

Fathom works with agencies and stakeholders to pursue broadly supported regulation and statutory change at the state and federal level

Recent Work

  • Helping to initiate efforts leading to trap limits for both the dungeness crab and spiny lobster fisheries
  • Assisting with effort to re-configure closed areas in the west coast groundfish fishery
  • Working to help revise the CA Master Plan for Fisheries
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Project Management

Fathom works to help expand the capacity of organizations by managing teams, projects, or project elements

Recent Work

  • Helping develop and implement electronic monitoring pilot project
  • Management of gear modification projects
  • Management of fishery-specific reform efforts
  • Working with agencies to scope and design effective public processes




Fathom works with clients to identify potential sources of funding, develop successful proposals, and manage reporting requirements


Recent Work

Helping to develop successful proposals to:

  • Saltonstall-Kennedy Program
  • National Fish and Wildlife Foundation 
  • NOAA National Observer Program
  • the Ocean Protection Council
  • SeaPact
  • Foundations

Fishery Improvement Projects

Fathom works with fishermen, NGOs, and funders to help achieve specific outcomes aimed at improving the sustainability profile of fisheries

Recent Work

Working with groundfish trawlers to develop and implement low-impact trawl gear that reduces impacts to the seafloor, bycatch, and fuel consumption at the same time